Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

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No Win No Fee Truck Accident Attorney Dallas, TX

Get Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries When You Hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Dallas.

A single irresponsible decision by a truck driver has dramatically changed the course of your life. Rather than observe the law, they chose to directly disobey it.

Maybe they merged without looking or signaling. Maybe they were going 20 mph over the speed limit. Maybe they cut you off when you tried to merge.

Whatever they did, now you have to deal with the consequences of their actions. You experience many significant inconveniences, including some like these:

  • Painful injuries and discomfort
  • Difficulty or an inability to do your normal daily activities like going to the bathroom, taking a walk, or playing with your children
  • Stress and fear over paying your medical bills – and your regular expenses
  • You can’t work your job
  • You’re irritable towards your spouse
  • You have a long road of physical recovery ahead of you, and more medical expenses

You need a professional who can help you sort this mess out.

Time to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney Dallas!

You know you need a personal injury attorney – but who? You know there’s about 1000 choices out there.

You could start with a Google search for “Dallas truck accident lawyer.” But the results all look the same – what makes one better than the next?

Or – you know many names from TV and the radio. But they make their profit on volume, not personal service. So those lawyers will ram you through their process, treating you like a number, and not get you thousands of dollars in compensation you need – and deserve.

And maybe you could get a referral from a friend, family member, or coworker. But every lawyer makes some people happy – you won’t necessarily get the best truck accident lawyer.

Look for “Super Lawyer” & “Rising Star” Truck Accident Attorneys!

Shane V. Mullen
Shane V. Mullen

Thomson-Reuters owns and operates Super Lawyers, an organization that names the best lawyers in each state. Winners of the “Super Lawyer” honor are among the best 5%. Winners of the “Rising Star” honor are in the best 2.5% of all lawyers.

And this organization has a strenuous process that weeds out nominations-as-favors, which practically guarantees objective nominations. These designations represent the best lawyers in each state.

Pay Only When You Win – Get Your Free Consultation Today!

We charge on a contingency fee basis for auto accident cases, which means you pay us a percentage of your final settlement amount after you win your case. You pay no legal fees before that.

Contact our “Super Lawyer Rising Star” award winner Shane V. Mullen at (214) 499-9553 for a free consultation today. All information you share stays 100% private.

Visit our main site’s truck accident page for detailed information on the progression of a typical truck accident: Mullen & Mullen Law Firm

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